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face mask, unisex, size L (adult)


Handmade face mask.
100% cotton, hand-sewn with 2 layers for extra protection. The mask is light and breathable and can be washed in the machine.


The fabric choice of the lining may vary.


For the right sizing, just put a knot in the elastics in the lengths that fits you.


You can then pull the knot into the tunnel of the mask to hide it. The elastic band is very soft so that it won’t hurt you when you wear it.


Size: L
(fits men or women)


** Please note that these masks are non-surgical face masks which means, like every other handmade face mask, they do not provide full protection like proper surgical masks do.


We recommend sanitizing your hands when you put the mask on and when you take if off. Please only touch the ear loops when you take off the mask. Do not touch the surface of the mask after wearing it.  When you inhale, you draw concentrations of bacteria into the surface of the mask.  Therefore, please place the removed mask in a bag until you wash it.

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