We offer customized rugs that fit your individual taste and home décor. Please consider the information below when ordering your personal Weavery rug.

1. Style

What's your style?
First, you need to decide which kind of rug you would like to create. Generally speaking, we offer two types of rugs: Fluffy and Flat Woven Rugs.

Fluffy Woven Rugs: Our fluffy woven rugs feel great on the skin. They keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer whilst adding a wonderful style to your home.

Flat Woven Rugs: Our flat woven rugs are a great choice for people that want to add warmth and style to their interior but do not like the fluffy wool pile.

We offer our rugs in 2 different qualities. We can either weave them a little lighter or with more knots. The more knots, the thicker and more long-lasting the rug will be.

2. Colours

Pick your colours.
We'll happily share our colour charts with you that show which colours we currently have in stock. If you would like a rug in a certain base colour, then we can also dye the wool especially for you in the colour of your choice!

3. Pattern

Choose your preferred design.
Moroccan rugs exist in a large variety of patterns and styles that you can choose from. Additionally, you can design your own rug or we are happy to co-design the rug with you. Send us your wishes and we can to tell you what's possible.

Please keep in mind that we offer handmade rugs, which means every weaver will implement a little bit of her own style so patterns will always vary a little bit from the original design.

4. Tassels

Tassels or not?
Do you prefer a rug with or without tassels and if you want tassels, which kind of tassels would you like? Best is to send us a picture of what you have in mind or ask us to show you some examples to choose from.

5. Measurement

Size matters.
We will weave the rug in your preferred measurement. However, due to the handmade nature of our rugs, we have to keep a margin of +/- 10 cm for the lengths and width. Please keep this in mind when ordering your rug.

6. Material

What should it be made of?
Please tell us which material you would like us to use for your rug. Most of our rugs are made from wool. But sometimes we also work with other materials like cotton (for the base of the rug), cactus fibres or acrylic.

Contact us for a quote or any further questions

If you wish to order a custom-made rug or have additional questions, we are here for you.

Please contact us anytime by email, phone or WhatsApp. You can also simply fill in the online form or visit us at our store in Amsterdam.