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Wool Cleaning

In the beginning, your Berber rug will release quite some fibres. Our washed rugs shed less than the unwashed rugs. However, loosing fibres is normal with all wool rugs. Below, please find some tips & tricks regarding the care and cleaning of your rug.

General care
- Place an anti-slip pad under your rug so it won't slip on the floor and to help keeping it strong.
- Vacuum clean your rug regularly and softly. N.B. Don't use the brush stand of the vacuum cleaner!
- Rotate your rug every 3-4 months to ensure it wears evenly.

General cleaning
- Hang your rug in the sun for a few hours in the summer. The UV light kills the bacteria and refreshes the colour.
- In the winter, you can do the same when temperatures are below 0 *C as the cold will also kill the bacteria and refresh your rug in general.
- When the rug hangs outside, use a rug beater and firmly tap your rug on the back to get out all the dust.

Fresh stains
- If your rug gets stained, you can always send us a picture so we can advise on what to do.
- Generally speaking, we advise you to act quickly if you spill something on your rug.
- As our rugs are made from sensitive and natural fibres, you should clean them gently. Just use a microfibre cloth and lukewarm water and softly dap the stain. You can also add a bit of natural soap or baking soda.
- Avoid rubbing as this might damage the fibres and it could also cause colours to wash out.

Persistant stains
Always contact us first and send us a picture of the stain, so we can assess together what to do. Often, baking soda or shaving foam can be quite effective. But with coloured rugs you have to be a bit careful, to make sure the colours don't wash out. Please contact us first so we can help you.

Furniture marks
When you rotate your rug or change your living room setting, you might see some furniture marks on the rug. Don't worry. Just softly rub over the mark and give it a few days. Or you can steam the mark a bit, example with the steam function of your iron. Just make sure the iron will not touch the rug!

Pet hair
Use a rubber broom to remove pet hair from your rug. This usually works better than a vacuum cleaner.

Washing machine
- Some of our small, flat-woven rugs and some of our vintage rugs can be washed in the washing machine, on a gentle low-temperature wool-program.
However, please always ask us upfront, so that we can advise you.
- All other rugs should NOT be machine washed as this can damage the sensitive, natural fibres.

Professional cleaning
We advise getting your rug professionally cleaned every couple of years. Often, it is sufficient to get a professional cleaning every 3-5 years. However, if you regularly walk on your rug with street shoes or if you have pets, your rug might need professional cleaning more regularly, every 1-2 years. There are special rug cleaning companies that know exactly how to clean your rug. They will pick it up and return it clean, shaken and fluffed up. In the Amsterdam region, we work with Cinco cleaning. You can book your appointment here and get a 10% discount on your rug cleaning.