Collab with Sanne Hop

It takes a village
We first met Sanne through a good friend of ours. We used to chat during our daughter’s ballet classes and immediately liked each other. Sanne is such a wonderfully warm, open-minded and creative person. We quickly learned that she also ran her own business, selling handmade & sustainable products. Mostly from small personally-run businesses, but she also makes some beautiful things herself.
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Soon, we started talking more and when we moved to our new store, we shared our former store with her for a while and eventually, she took over the space when we finally decided to move out and concentrate on just the one new location. We love her appreciation for the handmade process and how she supports and connects talented makers throughout the world.

From friendship to collab
Sanne kept selling some of our Weavery rugs as part of her handpicked collection and after a while, we thought it would be nice for her do actually design her own collection with us. We started with a series of gorgeous cushion covers which she designed to fit her own candle collection. You can find them online on her webshop or you can just visit Sanne at her own store at Fokke Simonszstraat 10 in Amsterdam.
Copyright pictures: Sanne Hop

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